our values

InVent Health Provider Values

We strive to deliver the highest standards of care that enables all our patients to live with choice, dignity and independence whilst improving lifestyle and quality of life.

For patients who need care and support InVent Health has a set of values that guide the way we work to ensure we achieve this.

Commitment to Quality Care and Support

This means staff:

  • Are committed and passionate about doing anything they can in their work, to make our patients lives easier
  • Contribute to delivering person centred care, putting the individual at the heart of everything they do and helping them when they need it
  • Are authentic warm, kind, empathetic, reliable and compassionate in their words and actions

Dignity and Respect

This means staff:

  • Treat our patients with dignity and respect regardless of their culture, religion, age, race, sexual orientation, or disability
  • Accept and respect people’s individuality
  • Take time to listen to our patients and our families, think about what needs to be known about the individual to provide the best possible care for them

Working Together

This means staff:

  • Empower, encourage, and enable patients and where appropriate to do things for themselves and to make their own decisions
  • Communicate options and offers realistic choices to all who need care and support
  • Build two- way relationships of trust with colleagues, patients who need care and support, and other stake holders

Learning and Reflection

This means staff:

  • Commit to learning and developing themselves in their work
  • Are self- aware and regularly reflect on the work they do, how they do it and the impact they have on those being supported
  • Are honest and transparent and not afraid to say when they’ve done something wrong