Why inVent Health

Every member of our staff takes part in rigorous initial and ongoing development and training. All staff have bespoke training programmes, ensuring that all precautions are taken to guarantee the safest delivery of care possible. We also work closely with our clients and their families to identify additional training requirements to enable our nurses and care teams to deliver additional care that can really make a difference to the lives of our clients.

We work with our clients and families in the recruitment of their specialist team, giving the people we work with the power of choice in the care they receive, building a trusted partnership for continued care package delivery and improvement.

Our staff are committed to outstanding quality and delivery of care, so we know we can provide the support and deliver the high levels of care that our clients need and deserve.

Patient Benefits

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    Bespoke care team

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    Specialist training

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    Ventilated patient expertise

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    Liaison with client family and other professionals

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    24-hour on-call support

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    Managed by healthcare professionals


Bespoke care team

We provide a bespoke care team for every individual, ensuring an optimum care package is provided, and our clients can lead as independent and comfortable a life as possible.

Every person we work with is held in the highest value, so we guarantee the provision of a care team who will get to know each client, providing the exact care needed to enable our clients to make the most of whatever situation they might be faced with. We work with our clients and their family and help them to choose their own team wherever possible, giving them more control over their life decisions.

One of the fundamentals upon which we were built is to concentrate on improving quality of life, so we will work with clients and their families, along with fellow health professionals, to fully understand clients’ needs and provide a care package that meets, and exceeds, those needs.

Specialist training

Our nursing and support staff take part in rigorous, in-depth training, ensuring that they have the optimum capability to carry out their jobs to the highest possible standard. We also provide external training for families of patients with specific conditions.

With bespoke training programmes provided for staff on a regular basis, we know that we have the infrastructure in place to deliver the standards of care that every one of our clients deserve.

Not only do we provide in-depth training to staff when they commence their careers at InVent Health, but we believe in providing continuous training and development opportunities so that the level of care provided is always advancing and improving.

Ventilated patient expertise

Our staff specialise in at-home ventilation care for children and adults. Our team have the expertise needed to enable the safe provision of some of the most complex care within the comfort of the client’s home.

We believe in making the home a place for caring as, quite simply, it means a better quality of life. Providing a care package and solution that is consistent with a community setting goes a long way to maximising our clients’ independent lives.

The level of expertise we have at InVent Health means that our clients and their families can be rest-assured that remaining in the home environment enhances client care.

Liaison with client family and other professionals

Our staff work in close partnership with clients, families and health professionals in order to ensure the best possible outcome for every client.

We have realised through experience that better communication means better care. Full communication involving all relevant stakeholders is by far the best way to ensure the building and maintaining of an ongoing approach based on partnership which focuses on continuous improvement.

Close working relationships with clients, families and other professionals means all care packages are developed collaboratively, ensuring all parties are happy with the proposed care packages before care is started. As a result, all clients are provided with the best possible solution to meet their specific requirements.

24-hour on-call support

We provide 24-hour on-call support for all our clients. With many clients receiving 24-hour care in their own home, we’re there for you when you need it most.

At InVent Health we understand that the job we do is not the conventional 9am – 5pm job, and that the care we provide can be needed on several different scales, from occasional assistance to round-the-clock in-depth care.

Working with an InVent Health bespoke care team means that you will never need to worry that you or a friend or family member will not have access to the care they might urgently need. We are fully committed to our clients and pride ourselves on the relationship we build with them based on trust and capability to make their quality of life as high as possible.

Managed by healthcare professionals

All care package managers and senior management are healthcare professionals with real life experience and know what people need and how best to maximise care for clients. This has bred a strong culture of care and compassion throughout the organisation.

Having originally been founded by healthcare professionals, and currently operating under the direction of healthcare professionals, the strategic outlook at InVent Health comes from people who understand how important the needs of our clients are.

The core of our business is populated by those who have the experience and knowledge needed to assure you that the standard of care provided is the highest possible.

An experienced &
compassionate team

At InVent Health, our team have the experience and expertise needed to deliver the highest standards of care that allows our clients to live an independent and fulfilling life. Founded by health professionals, this expertise is at the foundations of the company and then grows throughout, on every level. We specialise in the delivery of complex and palliative home care to clients with ongoing, complex care needs, promoting choice and independence to maximise life.


Our Vision

Our vision is simple: we want to make a difference to the lives of the adults and children we work with, by bringing compassion to complex care. At InVent Health, we make a difference to children’s and adults’ lives. We can offer compassionate and complex care to our clients where they need it most – in their own homes. Fundamentally, we believe in providing a better quality of life, and as colleagues, clients and families all tell us, we go the extra mile.

When it comes to providing personalised, quality care within a comfortable home setting, we work in close partnership with our clients, their families and fellow health professionals. This enables us to provide a bespoke care package that is tailor-made to the specific client’s requirements, achieving that higher quality of life that we strive so hard to achieve. We believe in a partnership based on listening, and 100% of our clients and families say that they do indeed feel listened to, and we always involve the client in the development of their care plan. Better communication brings better care.

Everything we do is driven by our values; compassion, commitment, professionalism and confidence. Our compassion shines through in our tireless efforts to constantly improve the quality of life of our clients. We are fully committed to going the extra mile where possible. We are professional in everything we do, fully understanding the importance and complexity of our service, and always fulfilling our job to the highest possible standard. Finally, we have the upmost confidence in our UK-wide experience of supporting clients, their families and fellow health professionals to fully understand people’s needs and provide great, personalised complex care in their own homes.